M0DERND0C Comissions

Status: OPENTo-DoCan't afford? Wanna tip? check out my Ko-Fi!


Extra Fees:Complex Designs: +$5-15
Extra Characters: +50% per Character
Shading: +$5
Block/Gradient Background: +$0 (Just Ask!)
Complex/Scenic Backgrounds: Varies; Ask First!

Headshots & Busts

Colored Sketch$5

IconsThese icons are 500x500px and can work basically anywhere.
Expression should be provided!
Can be symmetrical; please specify!

Lined & Colored$15


Colored Sketch$25

Will be fully colored w/ palettes to pick from!
Feral and Anthros may be harder for me to design!
Closed Species can be easier for me to design!


Terms of Service

- Payments are accepted after the sketch is done, USD only!
- Payment plans can be talked about with anything over $50 USD.
- WIPs will be shown throughout the process!
- Changes can be made to sketches, and minor changes/edits can be done before finished. I do not want you to be left with something you're not happy with.
- Refunds can be talked about if it comes to that point. You will not be refunded if a commission is completed. If I am in the middle of your commission, you will get a partial refund.
- Turn around time will vary and I'll let you know if anything is happening that will cause me to take a longer time than promised!
- Commissioned art is to be used for personal use only. Do not use my art for NFTs, Commercial Use, etc.
- You are allowed to repost my art, however, you must credit me. (Tagging me, linking back, etc.)
- I can and will use commissioned art as examples, though if you ask me not to, I will comply.
- All artwork will be watermarked with a small signature. Do not remove my watermark at any point.
- I have the right to deny any commission I do not feel comfortable with!
- Credit my ToyHouse before ANYTHING ELSE.

How to Order

Simply shoot me a DM on Discord or ToyHouse! I'll be sure to see it and respond asap!
Discord: m0dernd0c
Toyhouse: M0DERND0C
Be sure to tell me:
- What you want
- Your OC
- A general pose/expression
- And anything else you may see fit!
I can also give you estimates for prices!FOR CUSTOMS
PLEASE please give me as MANY details as possible! Species, clothes references, colors, themes, etc. Anything helps! I'll be sure to add a form here eventually! (If I ever remember.)

Anthros, Humanoids, FeralsMecha
Closed SpeciesNSFW & Fetish
Masculine & Feminine FiguresPedophilia, Incest, Beastiality
Ship Art (OC x Canon, OC x OC)Hate Art
Gore, EyestrainReal People (Not comfy, sorry!)
(Some) Weapons/Objects (May Cost Extra!)Fanart (I do this on my own time, sorry!)